It’s Valentines Day so heal your emotions and heal your chronic pain. Hear Michael Ellner and Scott Sandland in Seattle March 25, 26 & 27, teaching Dynamic Hypnosis for Pain Control. You don’t have to be a hypnotherapist or have any hypnosis experience to benefit from this training. And, if you are practicing medical hypnosis, this will be the best training on the planet at this time. This is a first to have Scott Sandland and Michael Ellner teaching together. Both Scott and Michael are known for their skills in pain management and as educators. If you are in chronic pain or work with people who are in chronic pain, then this seminar is for you.

Using Hypnosis to Help Patients Manage Pain

Our work is predicated on the evidence-based belief that changing your patient’s relationship with pain also will change their sensory experience of pain. This change in belief and expectations is not an “all or nothing” proposition. Even a small reduction in pain can translate into giving your patients the ability to work, play with their children, or enjoy a night out and/or sexual relations with their partner.

A particularly relevant aspect of this approach is self-hypnosis. This is a type of focused attention in which people demonstrate significantly greater control over both mental and physical functions — control that they’ve otherwise lost to their chronic condition. Unlike medications, talk therapy, and medical devices, self-hypnosis is a skill that, once learned, is always available for use by people living with chronic pain at any moment. Plus, there is no risk that one might have a serious adverse “side effect,” forget to take a medication, have batteries fail, or have a pain flare-up without having helpful resources available. ~ Michael Ellner

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Roger Moore’s Institute of Hypnotherapy is proud to be hosting Dynamic Hypnosis for Pain Control with Michael Ellner and Scott Sandland. Mind-body Medicine is not only an excellent stand alone modality,  Mind-body Medicine is an ideal adjunctive modality because it is able to enhance the benefits of a wide variety of conventional, complementary and alternative medical interventions.

You don’t have to be or want to be a Hypnotist to BENEFIT from this Unique Specialty Training. You Will Learn The Latest Evidence Based Theories and Practices in Pain Management. Scott Sandland and Michael Ellner, two giants in the field of Medical and Dental Hypnosis, are joining forces and partnering against pain and partnering for mainstreaming our certified hypnosis practices. They have put together the most comprehensive advanced Specialty training in Medical and Dental Hypnosis available today.

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Are You In Chronic Pain? Hear Michael Ellner

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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