Healing diabetesIn this excellent video you will learn about healing diabetes. Yes, diabetes can be reversed and healing can occur with plant based food. Modern diabetic treatment programs drastically reduce meats, high-fat dairy products, and oils. Fat is a problem for individuals with diabetes. The more fat there is in the diet, the harder time insulin has in getting sugar into the cell. Exactly why this occurs is not clear. But what is clear is that minimizing fat intake and reducing body fat help insulin do its job much better. Since 1997 in my Seattle hypnosis and Bainbridge hypnosis offices I have had the joy of witnessing many people with diabetes as they lost weight, ate plant based food and reduced or eliminated their need for medication. For most, their MD told them they no longer had diabetes. If you have diabetes, Slender For Life™ hypnosis for weight loss can help you.

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Diet and Diabetes

Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine (PCRM)

Managing Your Diabetes with Food

This new and effective approach to diabetes is remarkably simple. Here are three easy steps to managing your blood sugar with diet.

1. Build your diet from fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains.

Choose foods that are high in complex carbohydrates, such as whole grains, vegetables, and legumes. They will also help reduce your blood glucose and your need for medication. Many plant foods also contain soluble fiber, which slows the passage of sugar into your blood stream. Because processing often removes fiber and adds sugar or oil, the closer the carbohydrate-rich food is to its natural state, the better.

2. Avoid the troublemakers—meats of all kinds, dairy products, and eggs.

The best diet avoids meats and other animal products. These foods can encourage insulin resistance, heart problems, and weight gain because they usually contain large amounts of fat, cholesterol, and calories. A better choice is to get your protein from plant foods, such as beans, vegetables, tofu, whole grains, nuts, and seeds, many of which are also high in healthy complex carbohydrates and fiber.

3. Keep added fats to a bare minimum.

Diets high in fat can impair your insulin sensitivity. In other words, insulin will have a hard time doing its job. This is especially true for saturated fat (the kind found in meat, eggs, and dairy products) as opposed to monounsaturated fat (found in olive and canola oils). Plant foods generally tend to be much lower in fat, particularly saturated fat, compared to animal products, so beans, vegetables, and whole grains are good not just for their complex carbohydrates, but also for their lower fat content. Even nuts and seeds, which are fairly high in fat, contain more unsaturated fats and are much better choices than animal products, such as butter, bacon fat, sour cream, and so on, which are high in saturated fat. Even so, don’t overdo it—it’s still good to limit the amount of any fatty foods.

Read Diet and Diabetes

Dr. Neal Barnard tells us that foods act like medicine and in many cases can replace what medicines are doing. With a plant based diet you get the power to heal. If you are ready to be vegan fit, find out how Slender For Life™ hypnosis for weight loss can help you too.

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