Keeping the faith

While waiting for an MRI after my accident I was looking through CURE and found an article on keeping the faith.

Researchers have found that people with cancer who subscribe to a strong spiritual belief system report a better ability to cope. There have many other studies over the years on faith, prayer and healing. One point that always catches my interest is that it makes no difference what god is prayed to or what faith one believes in. People with faith and people who pray or are prayed for feel better. Some studies show that people also heal better.

“It wasn’t going to church, praying or meditation. It was having a purpose in life, feeling a belief in something greater than oneself. It’s the sense of connection that seems to be important, not the content of the religious beliefs. Those who were isolated reported worse physical, emotional and social health. People who attend religious services may be surrounded by a community that provides prayer and perhaps meals, visits and practical support.

Those who are spiritual say they feel lifted by the knowledge that people are sending good thoughts or praying for them.”

Keeping the faith

Keeping the Faith: Spirituality May Help Patients Cope

“Studies show that those with a deep belief system have stronger coping skills during treatment and more peace at the end of life — and that includes atheists. Interfaith chaplains say they can help atheists feel peace by asking where they find support and strength. The chaplains mirror patients’ language so they feel comfortable expressing their fears and questions, says Larisa Waya, interfaith chaplain at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.

“I think people who have meaning and purpose in life, and have a focus which allows them a sacred space to refocus on what’s most important to them, experience better outcomes because they’re able to process better,” says the Rev. Regina Pair Allen, M.Div., senior chaplain at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. “Those who have no outlet, no core, no compass, are wandering in the desert of the journey of cancer.” Those with strong faith demonstrate higher rates of acceptance of their fates, chaplains say.”

Read: Keeping the Faith: Spirituality May Help Patients Cope



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