Healthcare Support Professionals

End of Life Hypnotic Skills for Healthcare Support Professionals with Kelley T. Woods and Roger Moore is one of the exciting components of the upcoming Doulagivers Certified End-of-Life Certification Training that begins April 20, 2018.

Our End of Life Hypnotic Skills for Healthcare Support Professionals webinar is ideal for medical doctors, nurses, mental health counselors, social workers, hospice workers, CNAs, caregivers, family members and friends.

These hypnosis skills will enhance how you care for others and yourself. This training will give you the confidence to use creative, easy-to-apply techniques to ease suffering and promote comfort and serenity.

You don’t have to be a hypnotherapist or know anything about hypnosis to learn and use these skills.

Healthcare Support Professionals

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In this training you will learn how to use hypnotic approaches:

  • Be more present
  • Elicit a hypnotic state
  • Transform pain and other discomfort into comfort
  • Collapse unhelpful emotions
  • Instill a sense of well being
  • Promote acceptance and re-define hope
  • Use self-hypnosis for self-care

Hypnosis is an excellent modality for quickly helping people:

  • Reduce excess stress and anxiety
  • Gain control over pain and other discomfort
  • Improve sleep
  • Resolve heavy emotions of fear, regret, guilt, anger and more
  • Establish and tap into positive resources

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