I continue the book shuffle and came across When Working Out Isn’t Working Out by Michael Gerrish. It’s a book that I have had for some time and as I opened it I turned to page 27 which has health & fitness affirmations. If you have been reading my blogs, you know that I am really into hypnosis and these affirmations can certainly be used for hypnotic suggestions – so I am sharing them with you.

  • I deserve success
  • I accept myself exactly the way I am
  • I am (focused, disciplined, motivated)
  • I am committed to my success
  • I am patient with myself as I (get in shape, lose weight)
  • I am (losing weight, gaining strength, improving my body, etc.)
  • My body responds well to exercise
  • I am persevering
  • I am developing a (lean, healthy, defined, shapely, well-proportioned, muscular) body
  • I respect myself and my body
  • I understand and accept that (getting in shape, losing weight) is a process
  • I (enjoy, appreciate, respect) the process
  • My goal is the process

On January 18,  2008, I wrote about hypnotic suggestions and how to use them. These affirmations are great hypnosis suggestions to use with your self-hypnosis. Use hypnotherapy to help you achieve your diet, exercise, fitness and sports goals.