The healthiest diet for weight controlWhat is the healthiest diet for weight control? You will certainly see a proliferation of health claims from the latest fad diets. But, as those of us who have struggled with weight loss already know, DIETS DON’T WORK. Anyone can lose weight in the short term on nearly any diet, but diets don’t seem to work in the long-term. That’s because we don’t need a “diet”; we need a new way of eating that we can comfortably stick with throughout our lives. If that’s the case, then we better choose to eat in a way that will most healthfully sustain us. That’s why a plant-based diet may offer the best of both worlds. It’s the only diet, for example, shown to reverse heart disease–our number one killer–in the majority of people. I am Certified in John McDougall’s Starch Solution and I have witnessed the power of the Slender For Life™ hypnosis for weight loss for lasting life style changes since 1997.

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The Healthiest Diet for Weight Control

Michael Greger, M.D., September 9, 2014: We know that vegetarians tend to be slimmer, but there’s a perception that veg diets may somehow be deficient in nutrients. So how’s this for a simple study, profiled in my video Nutrient-Dense Approach to Weight Management: an analysis of the diets of 13,000 people, comparing the nutrient intake of those eating meat to those eating meat-free.

They found that those eating vegetarian were getting higher intakes of nearly every nutrient: more fiber, more vitamin A, more vitamin C, more vitamin E, more of the B vitamins (thiamin, riboflavin, & folate), more calcium, more magnesium, more iron, and more potassium. At the same time, they were also eating less of the harmful stuff like saturated fat and cholesterol. And yes, they got enough protein.

And some of those nutrients are the ones Americans really struggle to get enough of—like fiber, vitamins A, C, and E, calcium, magnesium, potassium—and those eating vegetarian got more of all of them. Even so, just because they did better than the standard American diet isn’t saying much—they still didn’t get as much as they should have. Those eating vegetarian ate significantly more dark green leafy vegetables, but that comes out to just two more teaspoons of greens than meat eaters on average every day.

In terms of weight management, the vegetarians were consuming, on average, 363 fewer calories every day. That’s what people do when they go on a diet and restrict their food intake—but it seemed like that is how vegetarians just ate normally.

How sustainable are more plant-based diets long term? They are among the only type of diet that has been shown to be sustainable long-term, perhaps because not only do people lose weight but they often feel so much better.

And there’s no calorie counting or portion control. In fact, vegetarians may burn more calories in their sleep. Those eating more plant-based diets appear to have an 11% higher resting metabolic rate. Both vegetarians and vegans seem to have a naturally revved up metabolism compared to those eating meat.

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Nutrient-Dense Approach to Weight Management

Generally, within the first couple of weeks when a weight loss hypnosis client switches to a plant based lifestyle, they come into my office telling me about how much better they feel and how much more energy they have. Recently, a client said, “I don’t even care if I lose weight, I just feel so much better now.” (She had lost weight and continues to move closer to lose weight.)

Hypnosis for weight loss can help you to make lasting lifestyle changes. If you are ready to end the diet madness, give me a call or shoot me an email. I’m happy to offer you a free weight loss consultation.

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