OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHealthy cooking can be made easy and it certainly can be delicious and affordable. When I started eating plant based meals I was pleasantly surprised how delectable grains and vegetables can be when they are not smothered in fat.

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Vegan: Your First Three Weeks

If you’re thinking of trying out the vegan thing, you’ll be relieved to learn that sticking to the diet becomes easier with every passing week. In fact, by the time you make it to the three week mark, you will likely find that the lifestyle has become second nature and is nearly effortless to continue. So the point of this article is to give you all the hand-holding you need to get through your first few weeks. After three weeks you of course still won’t know half the tips and tricks a vegan of ten years will know, but you’ll nevertheless be well past the tricky part and nicely equipped to stay vegan if that’s what you want to do.

Remember that the whole point of moving towards a vegan diet is not to be the world’s most perfect vegan for a week or a month—it’s to making a lasting and satisfying lifelong change. So if you slip up and consume animal products, whether accidentally or deliberately, don’t beat yourself up over it—and certainly don’t use the transgression as an excuse to ditch your vegan lifestyle entirely. There might be a lesson you can take away, perhaps that a given food contains animal products, or perhaps that there’s a terrific vegan alternative you can eat next time instead of the animal product you just consumed. So don’t focus on being perfect—just keep making steady progress.

Remember that most vegans eat a vastly more diverse and interesting diet than do omnivores. Anyone who has been vegan for more than a few years often cringes at the limited variety and low quality of the foods they ate before switching their diets.

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