Did you know that a healthy diet can help you overcome bad genes? Just because you are genetically predisposed to a disease or to obesity does not mean that you have to have the illness or become overweight. Even if you have the disease or if you are obese, a healthy plant-based diet can help you minimize a disease and help you to lose weight. If you have been unsuccessful in the past using willpower to make diet changes and other lifestyle changes, then self-hypnosis may be for you. You can learn hypnosis and improve your health. Remember, healthcare reform begins with you.

Healthy Diet May Cut Heart Risk From ‘Bad’ Genes

WebMD Health News, October 11, 2011: We know that eating a very healthy diet appears to make heart disease less likely, but now that even goes for people whose genes put them at a higher than normal risk of heart trouble. A diet high in fruits and vegetables appears to mitigate the genetic risk of a heart attack,” says a professor of medicine and epidemiology at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

The finding, if it bears out, could affect many people at risk for heart disease because of a genetic variant that researchers have only recently linked with heart attack. It could also call into question the suggestion that you can’t help your genes.

The studies used different dietary information. For one study, the researchers drew up a prudent diet score based mostly on raw vegetable and fruit intake. The score also took into account ”risk” foods, such as fried foods, meat, and salty snacks.

For the other study, the score was based on intake of fruit, vegetables, and berries. Those who ate at least two out of those three foods daily earned the prudent rating.

The risk of heart attack for those with the bad genes who ate the least prudent diet was increased about 30%. “The risk of heart attack of those with the bad genotype who were in the high prudent diet group was not increased. This suggests that diet can weaken the effect of the genetic variation, the researchers say.

The study findings suggest that lifestyle does matter, no matter what your genes have dealt you. This suggests you may be able to do something about bad genes if you follow a prudent diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables.
The worse the diet, the higher the risk of heart attack. The better the diet, the lower the risk.

Read Healthy Diet May Cut Heart Risk From ‘Bad’ Genes

Rheumatoid arthritis and obesity run in my family. Most of my life I was over weight and I assumed that I would one day have RA. And, sure enough, I got fatter and I had rheumatoid arthritis. Then I discovered that with hypnosis I could make the lifestyle changes that allowed me to change my eating habits and that motivated me to exercise. I lost the weight and with a plant-based diet, the symptoms of RA went away too.

Just because you are genetically predisposed to something does not mean you have to have it. Often, you can prevent or reverse disease with diet and exercise. Self-hypnosis can help you make those changes that can improve your health. You can easily learn hypnosis and reform your healthcare.

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