Healthy whole grainsI’m often asked about healthy whole grains and for alternatives to brown rice at Seattle weight loss hypnosis and Bainbridge weight loss hypnosis. The infographic posted by the HuffPost Healthy Living is an excellent resource and I urge you to bookmark it or print it out. Allow yourself to experiment and play with various whole grains. Not only do they taste great and add variety to your meals, they are healthy and good for you too! Whole grains will help you to lose weight, lower your cholesterol and help you stabilize your blood sugars.

Your Go-To Guide For
Choosing Healthier Grains

HuffPost, July 18, 2013: This is an excellent guide to a variety of whole grains, their nutritional facts and tips on how to store and cook them.

Read Your Go-To Guide For Choosing Healthier Grains

Whole grains have been a healthy base of most cultures throughout history. Today, archeologists and anthropologists are telling us that the old myths about gladiators being meat eaters or even hunters and gatherers living off of meat are untrue. Yes, on occasion they ate meat, but the bulk of their meals was based on whole grains, vegetables and fruit. Hypnosis for weight loss can help you to enjoy a variety of whole grains.

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I prepare healthy, creative and innovative whole grain meals.

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