Healthy obesity ~ no such thing!At the weight loss hypnosis Seattle and Bainbridge offices of Slender For Life™ I’ve said it all along – There is no such thing as healthy obesity! It has saddened me to hear medical professionals let overweight and obese people off the hook by allowing them to think that they can be fit and fat. I don’t care how good your medical test results are right now. Just having good metabolic numbers doesn’t protect you from fat’s deleterious effects. Long term that extra weight is really hard on your body.

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New research disputes fat but fit claim

NBC News, December 2, 2013: Excess weight can knock years off your life even if your cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar are in the healthy range, a new study suggests.

When we performed a systematic review of studies that followed people for more than 10 years, indeed, even in those who were metabolically pristine, there was still an increased risk of cardiovascular death and heart attack. Healthy obesity is a myth.

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You just cant can’t be complacent about our weight. If you are overweight and have convinced yourself that you can be healthy and fat, do me a favor. Go to your cupboard and get out a full 3 pound can of Crisco. Notice how heavy that is. Now, do the math: Divide the total pounds that you are overweight by 3. That’s how many cans of Crisco you are carrying 24/7. Do you honestly believe that this fat isn’t hurting you?! Imagine the difference in your life if you lost 3, or 9 or 20 or more cans of Crisco.

No matter how many times you have dieted and failed in the past, Slender For Life™ weight loss hypnosis can help you to lose weight and most importantly keep it off. You can become healthy and Slender For Life™.

If you live too far from Puget Sound, I offer internet based weight loss coaching and education. Together, we can create a program for you.

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I become healthy and Slender For Life™.

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