Childhood obesity is putting our kids at risk of heart disease. No, let me restate that. WE are putting our children at risk of heart disease due to obesity. My blog post of October 25 was about childhood obesity and blood pressure. Start today to do your part to end childhood obesity, even if you don’t have children living at home. You can do your part by voting with your wallet. Only buy real food. Stop buying fast food, processed foods, chips, sodas, candy and any other junk food. Tell your family and friends about hypnosis and that they can change food choices with self-hypnosis.

Obese Kids Have Signs of Heart Disease

October 26, 2010. WebMD Health News: Researchers Find Blood Vessel Stiffness in Obese Children

Stiffness in blood vessels can be seen even in young children who are obese. The study revealed that the elastic qualities of aortas in obese children are abnormal. The results of the study are alarming because blood vessels in children should not be showing signs of hardening.

Our kids are at risk. Poor nutrition and inactivity are threatening their health and well-being.

Society and parents need to rethink the lifestyle standards we have accepted as a society to protect the future health of our kids.

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My book Becoming Slender For Life and its hypnosis CD set can support you and your family with healthy eating and obtaining and maintaining a healthy weight.  Kids can easily use self-hypnosis for what and how much they are eating as well as for sports and academic performance. Learn hypnosis and give your children a life long skill for positive change.

Vote with your wallet and only buy healthy food. Your healthy children will thank you for it.

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My money buys healthy food.

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