Heart Health

You can improve your heart health by eating more whole grains and fiber. Women should be consuming 25 grams of fiber and men 38 grams everyday. Unfortunately, most people only consume about 15 grams per day.

New research adds evidence and urgency to the importance of substituting whole-grain products for refined grains in your diet, as well as simply consuming more fiber. According to the research, those who consumed the most fiber from all dietary sources were at 16% lower mortality risk than those consuming the least fiber.  You can increase your fiber intake by eating more whole grains or other sources such as legumes, vegetables, fruits and nuts.

heart health

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Bainbridge Island’s Health Care Support Hypnotherapist Roger Moore has been teaching medical hypnosis to people throughout Puget Sound since 1997. You too can learn medical self-hypnosis and make the healthy lifestyle changes that improve your health and wellness.

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Higher consumption of fiber from whole grains linked to longer life & cardiovascular protection.”

“According to findings published in JAMA Internal Medicine, each additional one-ounce serving of whole grains daily was associated with a 5% lower overall mortality risk and a 9% reduction in death from cardiovascular causes. Compared to those with the lowest intake, the group consuming the most whole grains saw a 9% total risk reduction and a 15% lower cardiovascular mortality risk.” Read New Reasons to Eat More Whole Grains and Fiber

Gerald J. and Dorothy R. Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy

Tufts University

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I treat my body to heart healthy food.

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