Workplace stress may raise the risk for heart disease for women according to a new study. You may also have heard that overtime can raise the risk of heart disease as well. Hypnosis for stress reduction can help reduce stress even as life is hurling its stressors at you. Here at Hypnosis Health Info you can learn self-hypnosis. Discover the difference hypnotherapy can make for you.

In a WebMD Health News, May 5, 2010, report,

Workplace Stress Raises Heart Risk for Women

Study Shows Young Women With Stressful Jobs May Be at Risk for Heart Disease

Reporting in the May 6 issue of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, researchers at Glostrup University Hospital in Denmark.

Too much pressure at work could be a significant risk factor for ischemic heart disease among younger female employees, according to a new study from Denmark.
Ischemic heart disease occurs when blood flow is restricted to the heart muscle. Often called “a silent killer,” it is estimated that as many as 4 million Americans may have ischemic episodes and not be aware that they have this condition because they do not experience symptoms. Previous research has linked workplace stress and job strain to heart disease risk, but many of those studies focused on men. Read Workplace Stress Raises Heart Risk for Women.

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