Hypnosis at the End-of-Life

Helping people with hypnosis at the end-of-life has been a privileged of mine since 1997 and I am excited to have the opportunity to offer a course on end-of-life hypnosis at the 2018 HPTI HypnosSummer School.

This training is about using hypnosis to help people to live every moment that’s left. At the end of life there is so much fear and crisis. There are lifelong traumas and unresolved issues that all bubble to the surface. It is a crisis. In addition to the physical decline, theses traumas, many buried deep in the psyche cause tremendous emotional pain. The mainstream medical community is not addressing these traumas. This is where hypnosis comes in.

Hypnosis at the end-of-life is used to ease pain, to help improve sleep, to increase strength and energy, alleviate nausea, to empower the person to make their own decisions, assist clients and caregivers with moving through overwhelming emotions and to help find meaning in the experience of living and dying.

If you or someone you love is nearing end-of-life, I’d be happy to talk with you about how hypnosis can help you. If you are a professional ready to learn hypnosis for end-of-live, the 2018 HPTI HypnosSummer School is for you.

Helping People with Hypnosis at the End-of-Life

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I fully live every moment that’s left.

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