Let’s focus on the cause

The alarming truth is that high blood pressure may be a choice that has resulted from the Standard American Diet (SAD).

We’ve become accustomed to quick fixes and all too often, popping a pill has become the treatment of choice to high blood pressure, diabetes and other preventable and reversible illnesses. Seldom do doctors treat the cause of a health challenge, they prescribe pills to treat the symptoms. Drug companies count on it. There is no money in wellness.

Somehow we’ve come to think that healthy lifestyle changes are just too hard. people want to eat the foods that make them sick and fat, thinking that radical change is too hard and too radical.

Self-hypnosis for hypertension and healthy lifestyle change is easy to learn and easy to use. As a Health Care Support Hypnotherapist, I have been teaching Medical Self-hypnosis to people since 1997, with the goal of creating healthy lifestyles that address the causes of preventable and reversible illness..

A client recently shared with me that she was at a medical appointment. Her medical doctor remarked. “Vegan, that’s radical.

She responded, “Hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, cancer ….. that’s radical!

If you are living with hypertension, diabetes or other illnesses and are ready for radical lifestyle change for your health and wellness, please give me a call or email me now

High Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

“Blood pressure rises naturally in response to a clogging of your blood vessels in order to deliver oxygen and nutrients to your body. The pharmaceutical industry’s answer is to inhibit the natural mechanisms of the body, causing the pressure to fall. The problem with this artificial reduction of pressure is that nothing helpful has been accomplished by the medication to improve the health of the blood vessels themselves. The arteries remain fragile and ready to burst into a stroke or heart attack. Attacking the cause of the problem – the rich Western diet – cleans up and strengthens the blood vessels and reduces the resistance to blood flow. Your blood pressure will then fall naturally. In less than 2 weeks of following the McDougall Program, people with high blood pressure (150/90 mmHg or greater) experience an average reduction of 23/14 mmHg and in most cases significantly reduce or stop all blood pressure medications.” ~ John McDougall, M.D.

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I am choosing food that supports my best health.

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