More high blood pressure in U.S. kidsU.S. kids are at more risk of high blood pressure than ever before. Think about that for a moment. This is 2013 – are we living in the dark ages?! Childhood obesity is reversible, preventable and a shameful scourge on our society. At Seattle weight loss hypnosis and Bainbridge weight loss hypnosis children and their families learn weight loss hypnosis so that they can lose weight and keep it off. Please join with me and lets reverse and end childhood obesity.

More U.S. Kids May Be at Risk for High Blood Pressure

MONDAY, July 15 (HealthDay News) — The risk for high blood pressure in American teens and children increased 27 percent over 13 years, a new study finds, as waistlines thickened and kids consumed more salt in their diets.

High blood pressure is the predominant risk factor for stroke, and stroke rates have been rising in children in the U.S. over recent years.

As the obesity epidemic continues, doctors are seeing more children with high blood pressure, an expert said. “Today alone I will see 10 to 15 [patients], mostly teenagers, that are overweight with hypertension,” said Dr. Ana Paredes, a pediatric nephrologist at Miami Children’s Hospital.

The first step in treating these children is to change their diet and increase the amount of exercise they do, Paredes said. “I give them a plan they can follow,” she said. “I tell them to try to lose a pound a week.”

Paredes also counsels her patients to reduce the salt in their diet. Much of the salt that children consume comes from processed foods and drinks like sodas, she said. “If you are drinking Gatorade while watching TV or working on the computer, you’re just intoxicating yourself with salt,” she said.

Americans eat an average 3,400 milligrams (mg) of salt every day — that’s more than twice the American Heart Association’s recommendation of 1,500 mg or less. Two-thirds of the salt is from processed foods and restaurant meals.

The high salt content of processed food is correctable as are the influences making children obese. If we needed another reason to take action, this study provides one. As our kids’ blood pressure rises, so does the pressure on us all to do what’s necessary to put a stop to these trends.

High blood pressure accounts for some 350,000 preventable deaths each year in the United States, the researchers noted.

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