Got Prostrate Cancer?

Its not news that a high dairy intake increases risk for prostrate cancer. The disease caused by drinking milk and eating cheese and ice cream have been known for decades. The dairy council’s own studies show that dairy consumption takes calcium out of the body.  When I weighed 110 pounds more than I do now, much of my obesity was the result of consuming dairy products. I couldn’t imagine living without cheese and ice cream. But hypnosis for weight loss changed my life. At my Seattle hypnosis and Bainbridge Island hypnosis offices of Slender For Life™ clients learn weight loss hypnosis to change their eating habits and to end desires for unhealthy foods like dairy products.

EPIC Medical Study: High Dairy = High Prostate Cancer Risk

5 to 10% of all cancer cases are due to genetic defects, and 90 to 95 % are due to life style factors .

  • For colorectal cancer, high intakes of dietary fiber, fish, calcium, and plasma vitamin D were associated with a decreased risk; while red and processed meat intake, alcohol intake, body mass index and abdominal obesity were associated with an increased risk.
  • For lung cancer high fruit and vegetable intakes in current smokers were significantly associated with a decreased risk.
  • For breast cancer, high saturated fat intakes, and alcohol intakes were associated with an increased risk, while in postmenopausal women BMI was positively and physical activity negatively associated with risk.
  • For prostate cancer high intakes of dairy protein and calcium from dairy products and high serum concentrations of IGF-I were associated with increased risk.

Read EPIC Medical Study: High Dairy = High Prostate Cancer Risk

At Slender For Life™ I am committed to supporting you in making healthy changes in your eating lifestyle. Believe it or not, with weight loss hypnosis giving up dairy and discovering that you actually enjoy whole grains and vegetables can be easy. It does not have to be hard (making it hard is optional!) Discover the changes that you can make with hypnosis for weight loss.

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