My vacation on the High Divide again reminded me of how blest I am. My son, Josh, and I backpacked the High Divide Loop which is an 18.2 mile loop with an elevation gain of 3050 feet. For most of my life, I could never have done such a feat. I never exercised and I was over 100 pounds over weight. Thanks to healthy eating, exercise and hypnosis, I was able to lose the weight and I have kept it off for over 16 years. Not only am I blest because I lost weight, I am blest to have a family that loves me, to have great health and to have the privilege of assisting others to learn self-hypnosis with the Seattle weight loss program, Slender For Life™ . If you are ready to lose weight and want a more active lifestyle, talk to me and discover what hypnosis for weight loss can do for you.

Becoming Slender For Life

Former client Leslie sums it up for many people who have stuck with the Slender For Life™ plan. “This program has given me the confidence to be myself without overeating. I have lightened up both physically and emotionally.”

I wish for you the same gratifying results. Applause, applause for finishing the book—and giving yourself the immeasurable gift of good health. By now, you may be beginning to realize that it’s not about the food! It’s about you taking control of your life and creating a new relationship with yourself, where you are living consciously in the moment. It’s about taking back your power—the power that you gave away to food, stress, family, other people, work, life, events and circumstances. But it is about having room in your life to savor family and other relationships. It’s the love you feel when someone makes you dinner—it’s the love—not what’s in the skillet. It’s about you loving yourself as absolutely as any pet ever did. It is about a transformation from within. You no longer fill yourself with food— you fill yourself with living.

May all your days be infused with enormous joy and satisfaction, a little exercise and a lot of vegetables. ~ pages 238-9, updated 2nd edition of Becoming Slender For Life.

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I truly do feel blest that my life is so full and that I am healthy. Thanks to hypnosis for weight loss I ended a lifestyle of disease and began living a life of health. How about you? Are you ready to fill yourself with living?

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I am blest.

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