High-protein diet

I’m dismayed that people are still living on a high-protein diet. The science against a high-protein diet continues to be found in new research.

One of the reasons for eating high-protein meals and using protein shakes and supplements is to build muscle mass. The evidence in support of this theory is lacking. But, this myth has made lots of money for marketers and for food and supplement manufacturers.

Recently at the gym I saw one of the better trainers at the gym eating a hard-boiled egg. Our relationship is friendly and we poke at each other when we can. As I walked by her I said, “A doughnut would be healthier!” She laughed and said, “No, that’s gluten and sugar. I want protein.” I didn’t respond, I just shook my head as I continued to the next weight machine.

The airwaves for filled with advertising promoting a high-protein diet for weight loss. Again, the evidence is against this falsehood. The evidence gathered over the past 100 years clearly shows that a whole-food plant-based diet is the best for weight loss and for your health.

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High-protein diet

High-Protein Diet Does Not Increase Muscle Mass or Improve Well-Being in Older Men

April 3, 2018: “High protein intake does not increase muscle mass or improve other health outcomes, according to a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine. Researchers randomized 78 participants aged 65 or older into several intervention groups of high-protein diets, testosterone injections, or recommended daily protein intakes and placebo injections and compared lean body mass, physical prowess, and overall well-being. Those who consumed more protein did not increase muscle mass or improve physical functionality, well-being, or responsiveness to testosterone, compared with those who consumed lower amounts of protein. These data suggest policymakers reevaluate protein intake recommendations based on outdated research.”

Read High-Protein Diet Does Not Increase Muscle Mass or Improve Well-Being in Older Men

Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine

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