High Protein Diets, written by John McDougall, MD, is the most recent addition to the Hypnosis Health Info Article Library. Even though this article was written several years ago, the information is current and accurate. “I need my protein” is a statement that I hear repeatedly from Seattle weight loss hypnosis clients. For most of us, we grew up with those Beef and Dairy council posters on our school classroom walls telling us we needed meat for protein and milk for calcium. WHAT A CROCK! You don’t have to be a trained nutritionist to see the risk of becoming sick increases the more of these unhealthy foods that are eaten–like with high-protein diets. Slender For Life™ offers hypnosis for weight loss clients real tools that can help you lose weight and improve your health.

High Protein Diets

One of the greatest distortions of the truth promoted by high-protein diet advocates is that protein causes little or no increase in production of insulin. However, research shows just the opposite. When fed in equal amounts (calories), beef raises insulin more than whole grain pasta, cheese more than white pasta, and fish more than porridge. Maybe as important is the fact that carbohydrates are very satisfying for our hunger drive. Potatoes produce twice the level of appetite satisfaction as beef or cheese.

Insulin resistance is one of the reasons for hyperinsulinism. This condition is strongly associated with obesity; and in general the fatter you become the more insulin resistance you will demonstrate, for one important reason. Insulin resistance is an adaptation that keeps fat people from becoming even fatter — reducing the effectiveness of the insulin molecules causes less efficient fat storage. The underlying cause is the high-fat, high-sugar American diet, lack of physical exercise, and resulting obesity. However, recent research suggests that it is really the diet that causes insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia rather than the resulting obesity being the cause.

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In The Great Debate ~ High Vs. Low Protein Diets, John McDougall, MD writes that “The diseases believed to be caused by meats, egg, and dairy products include most cases of: obesity, heart diseases, adult diabetes, breast, colon, and prostate cancer, gallbladder disease, osteoporosis, kidney failure, kidney stones, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, constipation, diverticulosis, hemorrhoids, and hiatal hernia to name a few well studied diseases.”

Slender For Life™ hypnosis for weight loss clients learn self hypnosis so that they can change their food preferences, end unhealthy cravings and desires and lose weight. People can easily make healthy, satisfying food choices with weight loss hypnosis.

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