SFL RecipesSeveral years ago, Mary McDougall prepared a wonderful and thoroughly complete Holiday Meal Planning & Recipes article that has delicious and satisfying plant-based holiday meals, including menus, recipes, preparation tips and a shopping list. How cool is that?! Mary’s Holiday Meal Planning & Recipes has been added to the holiday section of the Slender For Life™ Recipe Library.

Holiday Meal Planning & Recipes

A Reprint from the McDougall Newsletter, October 2005, by Mary McDougall: This time of year, the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays frighten many people who eat a healthy diet. They wonder how to socialize with friends and how to prepare a meal in their home. These two days are supposed to be the largest feasts of the year. Yet in fact, both dinners are the healthiest, most vegetarian-like, most McDougall-like meals people eat all year long. Traditionally, these holiday dinners consist of mashed white potatoes, roasted sweet potatoes, a bread stuffing, butternut and acorn squash, cranberries, and a variety of green vegetables, including Brussels sprouts, carrots, cauliflower, and green beans. For dessert, pumpkin pie ends the feast.

Mary McDougall has provided a complete holiday menu with recipes, preparation tips and a shopping list. You can’t ask for more!

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