Just this week I have had two calls from people who have fear of crowds and they both want to participate in this year’s holiday shopping spree. One shared that last year she made excuses and blew off family and friends who wanted to go shopping with her. She missed out on lunches and fun times seeing her grandkids getting their picture taken with Santa. This year she wants to be able to stand in line to see them with Santa. The other caller was a man in his late 20’s that has anxiety attacks due to the crowds in the malls at Christmas. I told both callers about several clients who have successfully used hypnosis to overcome fear of crowds. They are both scheduled for next week, one in my Seattle hypnosis office and one via Skype. Do you become fearful and anxious in crowds? learn self hypnosis and feel comfortable in any size of group. Fear of Crowds is this weeks hypnosis MP3 download available from the Hypnosis Health Info Store.

Fear of Crowds

How to reprogram your brain to feel at ease in crowds

The easiest and most effective way to instigate a bit of instinctive reprogramming is through hypnosis. Hypnosis is a way of activating those parts of the brain which set up the programming which we think of as instinctive. And this part of the brain is amazingly adaptable and receptive (thank you, evolution!).

Fear of Crowds is an audio hypnosis session designed to help you feel more comfortable in crowd situations. This carefully crafted deep trance session will take you into a state of profound relaxation. This in itself will calm down all worries and anxieties. You will then discover how you can easily and comfortably ‘reconfigure’ the way your mind and brain process the experience of being in a crowd.

Fear of Crowds will teach you how to create a new blueprint for ‘comfortable crowd behavior’ which you will be able to start enjoying straight away, looking forward to all the new opportunities it will bring.

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Download Fear of Crowds and begin to enjoy
being with people in a whole new way

I remember about 35 years ago walking into a shopping mall at Christmas time and feeling overwhelmed by all the people. My heart raced, my breathing became shallow and I thought I was going to faint. I made it back outside into the Minnesota cold night so I could breathe again.

The holidays can be stressful enough without adding to it being fearful in crowds. Learn self hypnosis and reprogram and overcome fear and anxiety.

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