Holiday Vegan Dressing

Thanksgiving is already this next Thursday so this Holiday Vegan Dressing recipe is perfect for your family gathering. It’s a pretty simple and easy recipe to prepare. I think I would use my Beer Bread for the bread cubes.

The great thing about recipes is that you can play with them. You can add in your Grandma’s secret ingredient and trade the celery for zucchini if you so choose. One of the fun things about cooking is that it;s art and you get to do it your way.

If you make this dressing for your Thanksgiving dinner I’d love to know how you make it your own and how it was received by your family.

Holiday Vegan Dressing is the latest edition to the Slender For Life™ Recipe Library.

Holiday Vegan Dressing

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Holiday Vegan Dressing

From BrandNew Vegan: “What would Thanksgiving be without good old-fashioned dressing?

But it’s usually made with STICKS of butter…..right? And even though we could use VEGAN butter…..that’s still a LOT of fat! So I made my own Holiday Vegan Dressing this year, without any oil, butter, or fat.

And let me tell you….this…. stuff…..kicks….. butt.”

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