This weeks Tip, Home To Myself by my good friend and colleague Frankie Waldo Perez speaks to the heart of change. Any change, whether its weight loss, relationship issues, or recovering from a disease requires self-acceptance. When we are judging ourselves we are using our imagination – probably the most powerful force known to mankind. With hypnosis, you can use your imagination to embrace the totality of who we are.  Learn hypnosis and befriend, welcome and embrace yourself. Know that you are wonderfully made.

Home To Myself by Frankie Waldo Perez


In my psychotherapy practice, my heart breaks every time someone tells me that they are their own worst enemy, or that they sabotage or beat themselves up constantly; and this painful admission happens too often. Self-criticism and condemnation have become part of the human condition.

We have learned to judge ourselves with the unforgiving precision of a sniper. No outside force could ever have the sheer stamina to bring about such relentless abuse. We carry with us the negative messages we heard during our childhood and have internalized those voices with such cruel efficiency that we are now the ones perpetuating the self-abuse on a near constant basis. We tell ourselves lies that berate, undermine, and break us down.

Research has shown that up to 77% of our self-talk is negative. That is forty-six minutes out of every hour. Further research indicates that it takes five positive statements to counteract every negative one. It may seem hopeless and insurmountable to ever gain the upper hand over the onslaught of our self-criticism.

Yet, there is a powerful and sure answer: self-acceptance.

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Imagination is your perception of or orientation to the world. Is your glass half full or is it half empty? Are you cheerful and excited about life and living life to the fullest, or are you fearful, filled with anxiety and imagining the worst? Imagination is not about truth. It’s just a perception. Once a perception is installed in the subconscious mind, the subconscious mind accepts it as fact and makes it so! Imagination is your perception of the world. It is your identity. This perception is a point of reference that determines your direction. If you imagine the world as fearful and filled with anxiety, you will experience fear and anxiety. If your perception of yourself is that of a fat person, you will be fat. If you believe that you are not good enough, you will live your life as not good enough. Consciously, you may set a goal to lose weight or to improve your self-esteem. But if you don’t believe you can be slender, if you don’t believe you are already good enough, you will never achieve your weight loss and self-esteem goals. All the willpower in the world will get you nowhere.

Real change occurs when the old perceptions in the subconscious mind are changed to match those of the conscious mind.

From the updated 2nd edition of Becoming Slender For Life

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