I’ve been chewing on Associated Press reporter Carla K. Johnson’s story in the Seattle PI, January 23, 2008, for several days now – sorry – I just can’t let this one go by without commenting on it. The articles title is: Obesity Surgery: Hope for Diabetics Boosted. Yes, of course, lose weight and blood sugars usually drop to healthy levels. I keep saying this over and over. When Slender For Life™ clients stop eating the fatty, sugary foods that caused them to become overweight and start eating healthy foods and exercise, they lose weight and blood sugars come into a healthy range within a few weeks – WITHOUT WEIGHTLOSS SURGERY!

Slender For Life™ clients learn self-hypnosis and use it several times each day. Using the Slender For Life™ one-minute hypnosis technique allows you to make the course corrections throughout each day to keep you focused on your weight loss goals.

Think of hypnotherapy like this: When a air plane is flying from Seattle to Chicago, the plane is constantly going through course corrections by the auto pilot, the pilot or co-pilot. If these course corrections were not made, even the slightest change in wind would put the plane off course – even if only by a half degree. But imagine where that plane would end up if it flew out of Seattle a half degree off course on its way to Chicago? (Toronto – or maybe in Miami?!) When functioning correctly, the planes auto pilot adjusts and puts the plane on course. Unfortunately, our own auto pilot tends to push us further off course. The human auto pilot turns one chip into the bag of chips. With self-hypnosis, you are able to make those course corrections and get back on course.

I recently had another client start Slender For Life™ who had Gastric bypass five years ago and he now weighs more than he did prior to the surgery. He lost weight, but nothing had changed mentally and emotionally and soon he was back to old patterns and the weight came back on. Using hypnosis, he can learn to manage his thoughts, emotions and eating habits and keep the weight off without the dangers of Gastric bypass and Lap-Band surgery. To get control of your diabetes, cut out the fats and sugars, exercise and use hypnotherapy.