Hot Dogs Can Strike You OutI have posted previously about processed meats like hot dogs and links to cancer and obesity (sorry – bad pun, I know). I almost lost it this weekend when I overheard a mom in the grocery store telling her friend that she sends a cold hot dog sandwich to school everyday with her 3rd grader because that is all he will eat. A few minutes later I looked over at the next check out and there was that mom and her overweight son with a bag of candy bars. Everything else I saw on the belt was bags and boxes of processed foods. I saw no fresh vegetables or fruit.

I began to wonder about this family on Bainbridge Island what kind of a life they lived that required so much processed food and junk food. My wonderings led me to think about maybe this was a single mom working long hours doing her best to raise her kids. But, as I was about to start my truck, they came to the Mercedes parked next to me where dad was busy in the driver’s seat on his Blackberry. The excuses I was conjuring up went out the window.

My heart sank for this boy and his sister who is also obese. It is not my job to judge, but it saddens me that with events like Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and the Physician’s Committee For Responsible Medicine‘s (PCRM) and with the epidemic of childhood obesity parents continue to purchase processed food for their children.

At Slender For Life™ I know that healthy food can be inexpensive can be quick, easy and taste great – even to kids. If you are wanting to change how you and your family are eating, hypnosis may be a solution for you. I’d love to talk with you about it.

By the way, check out the story on this billboard:

Turner Field Billboard Warns Braves Fans of Cancer-Hot Dog Link

Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, Americans typically consume 7 billion hot dogs—818 each second. But a huge billboard near Atlanta’s Turner Field warns baseball fans that chowing down on hot dogs as they watch the games could seriously damage their health. The billboard is sponsored by the Cancer Project, a PCRM affiliate, which also sent a letter asking the stadium to place warning labels at hot dogs stands. Read Turner Field Billboard Warns Braves Fans of Cancer-Hot Dog Link.

Are you feeding your family processed meats and other processed foods? Are you wanting to change but it seems overwhelming? Then consider hypnosis and consider Slender For Life™. Give me a call and let’s talk about making positive changes for you and for your family.

Read Processed Meat, Heart Disease and Diabetes.

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