Just how scary is is that Halloween candy that you are giving out, that your kids are bringing home – or that you will eat tomorrow in the office? It’s frightening on so many levels. When you look at the ingredients list of these processed foods you realize that there is no real food in any of these products. would you eat any of the ingredients by individually? I sure wouldn’t. If you just can’t keep your fingers out of the candy corn or bite-sized Snickers, I have a solution. Hypnosis can help you end sugar cravings and other unhealthy habits and behaviors. Halloween can be fun, scary and healthy. Learn self hypnosis and be safe this Halloween.

GMO CANDY INFOGRAPHIC – Halloween Candy That Contains GMO – What Are We Giving Our Children?

GMO Candy (Candy that uses Genetically Modified Ingredients) is on the rise and we are still learning about the potential effects that it may have on future generations. And experts are suggesting that it might not be as bright as we hope, and that ignorance is not the right stance these days.

This Infographic put together by The Give Project is currently going viral on Facebook.

Learn self hypnosis and end sugar cravings and other unhealthy behaviors. With hypnosis you can treat yourself and others in a healthy way – even on Halloween. No tricks!

Happy Halloween!

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