I found this article Framing Reward is as Important as Reward Itself pretty interesting. It got me thinking about how people motivate and reward themselves to achieve their goals. And it got me thinking about how I frame reward and progress towards goals.

I know that I have put more emphasis on the end result. In the past I didn’t focus on recognizing how far I’ve come along with acknowledging my investment in time, money and energy.

My thinking now is that both recognizing the investment so far and the benefits of achieving your goal are important. I encourage you to read this article.

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Framing Reward is as Important as Reward Itself

By Nir & Far: “Smart framing can convince users to invest further in the experience, making it more likely they will return. It’s a subtle but psychologically powerful maneuver. Instead of trying to persuade customers to invest in a product or service, why not show them they’ve already invested?”

Read: Framing Reward is as Important as Reward Itself

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