How to lose weight and keep it offI do have a solution to how you can lose weight and keep it off. It’s actually pretty simple and straight forward. Eat whole grains, vegetables and fruit. Don’t eat chicken, fish, beef, pork, wild game, or any dairy products. Don’t eat processed food. When you stop eating the food that makes you fat and sick, you can lose weight, keep it off and improve your health. Ah, but in America, the norm is to be fat. The norm is to eat animal proteins and milk, butter, cheese, yogurt and ice cream and junk food like potato chips and candy bars. The norm in America is to go out to dinner and have on the gourmet menu fried mac ‘n’ cheese with bacon in it. There is a way that you can eat starch based (vegan) meals easily and feel totally satisfied. No deprivation. No feeling left out. What is that way? Hypnosis for weight loss. As a Slender For Life™ weight loss specialist in Seattle, Bainbridge Island and via Skype, I have witnessed hundreds of people easily end their desires for food that makes you fat and sick and create a healthy desire for whole grains, vegetable and fruit. Eating healthy can be easy and fun for you.

Thousands of Vegans Studied

(If you received this post via email, click here to view video), October 29, 2009: Dr. Michael Greger tells us that “Over the last ten years diabetes rates have skyrocketed 90% in the United States, which means more dialysis, more gangrene, more blindness, and more amputations.

As a total nutritional science geek, I ate up this new study: “Which are the greatest discoveries in nutrition in the last 33 years.” Making the top 15 list was the discovery that diabetes can be prevented by diet and lifestyle.

So how do you prevent it? The first study in human history, of thousands of vegans, was just published in the journal of the American Diabetes Association. Thousands of U.S. vegans studied for the first time ever.

The first question is where do flexitarians fall? A “flexitarian” is a “flexible vegetarian,” meaning someone who eats meat once or twice a month, but is basically vegetarian. Where do they fall? You’ve got three choices: Heavier than meat-eaters, lighter than meateaters, but still overweight, or, on average, not overweight at all?

Do you think they found flexitarians to be fatter than regular meateaters? Do you think those who only eat meat a few times a month are skinner than meateaters, but are still on average overweight? Or do you think if we cut down our meat consumption that low our weight should normalize? This is America—even the flexitarians are overweight.

This is America, and that means, only the vegans are, on average, a healthy weight. And that’s like a 40 pound spread between vegans and meateaters, which is pretty dramatic.

But maybe it’s not their diet; maybe vegans just tend to exercise more? No. They carefully measured activity levels, and if anything, the vegans in this study exercised less than the meateaters. Lazy vegans… but still on average 40 pounds lighter.”

Read Thousands of Vegans Studied

If you’ve read my book, Becoming Slender For Life, you know that I have suggested a flexitarian lifestyle. Why did I do that when I am a vegan and know the health benefits of living a vegan lifestyle? I suggested becoming a flexitarian as a more realistic option for most Americans. The thought of never eating meat or dairy again is far to freaky to most people. It’s beyond their imagination and they usually aren’t ready to go there – yet.

What’s really exciting is that as people eat more and more whole grains, vegetables and fruit they then eat less and less animal proteins, dairy products and processed foods. Thanks to hypnosis for weight loss they simply have a large amount of no desire for food that makes you fat and sick. Instead, eating healthy plant based food is easy and fun – and they don’t miss the meat and dairy.

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Eating healthy is easy and fun for me.

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