Your mind changes your brain

How you use your mind changes your brain for better or for worse. When you repeatedly have the same thoughts, the neurons become like a superhighway in your brain.

If you are telling yourself the same old self-defeating story over and over again, those thoughts have hardwired. That story is now part of your personality. It is a part of your identity. It is just who you are. You have those thoughts and live out the story automatically.

Every time you think, feel or do something, you strengthen a pathway. Habits are well traveled pathways. Your brain finds these things easy to do.

These hardwired thoughts have become programmed, they have become a part of your identity and personality. Think for a moment about how you talk to yourself. Are you acknowledging yourself for all of your strengths and talents? Or, are you like most people focused on your faults and fear?

From: “Thoughts and neuroplasticity ~ Becoming the Greatest Expression of You,” a post that I wrote on November 27, 2016. I invite you to click on the button below and read the full post.

Your mind changes your brain

Becoming the Greatest Expression

Becoming the Greatest Expression of You is a series of posts that I began on March 20, 2016. One day I hope to turn them into a book.

I love receiving your feedback. Please let me know your own thoughts on the Greatest Expression of You and how you have benefited using this process.

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