Josh & Great Grandma Moore, May 30, 1982

Josh & Great Grandma Moore, May 30, 1982

The idea of using hypnosis to counteract aging isn’t a new idea. Much of what has been in the past has been about looking young. You have a powerful mind and you only use a small part of it. Imagine learning how to hypnotize yourself and being able to improve your health, your flexibility and mental acuity. At Seattle hypnosis you can learn hypnosis and create hypnosis healing and wellness in your life. Find out more with my hypnosis audio course.

Hypnosis for Pain Management in the Older Adult: Hypnosis and the Older Adult reports there has been little research specifically addressees the use of hypnosis with the older adult, there has been considerable research using hypnotherapy with seniors for coronary bypass, osteoarthritis and other health issues. Although these studies did not directly address the use of hypnosis in the older adults, the benefits of this intervention are documented.

We are all getting older and my generation is now dealing with the aches, pains and ailments of aging. I am committed to developing self-hypnosis tools and resources for older adults. If you have any ideas, I welcome your input .

Here are some possible topics: flexibility, strength, health and wellness, stability, depression, mental acuity, boredom, pain management, stress reduction, relationships, family … and the list goes on. I’m less interested in making the gray hair and wrinkles go away and more interested in having a strong, healthy and active mind and body. So, let me know what you’d like to see.

PLEASE – email me with your ideas!

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