Hypnosis offers real solutions for the obesity epidemic. At Slender For Life™ clients learn self-hypnosis and take control of their eating and lifestyle habits. You too can learn how to hypnotize yourself and change your unhealthy lifestyle behaviors.

Two thirds of the US population is overweight and one third of the US is obese. Obesity accounts for 10% of the total health care costs in the US. Left unchecked, half of the United States will be obese in the next 20 years.

Delos Cosgrove, MD, CEO of the Cleveland Clinic says that we have to start locally with ending obesity and tells of the actions they are taking. I say lets each take personal responsibility and start from within.

Learn how to hypnotize and make those lifestyle changes from within. Hypnosis does offer real solutions for lifestyle changes including weight loss. Do your part to slow rising health costs and learn self-hypnosis.

My book Becoming Slender For Life and its hypnosis CD set provide you the day to day and long term support to achieve your weight goal and maintain your healthy ideal weight throughout your life. And be sure to check out these sample chapters for Becoming Slender For Life.

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I choose to eat intelligently.

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