Many overweight youngsters underestimate their weight so hypnosis and weight loss become even more important for ending childhood obesity. Weight loss hypnosis can be an effective tool for children and teenagers to use for weight loss. If your children want to diet hypnosis can help them release the weight and provide them with life-long tools for success.

A Reuters article reports on a study showing that nearly 40 percent were overweight or obese, and 27 percent of these youngsters underestimated their weight, researchers report.

Of the 448 students in grades 5 to 8, more than 62 percent of the overweight boys and nearly 31 percent of the overweight girls listed their weight as normal or underweight, Dr. Youfa Wang, at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore and colleagues found. The participants attended one of four Chicago Public Schools.

Compared with boys and girls not trying to lose weight, those who said they were trying to lose weight were not eating a healthier diet or increasing their physical activities.

The article continues with boys who reported trying to lose weight still spent more time watching TV than those who did not.

These findings emphasize the need for improved guidance for youngsters trying to lose weight.

Data showing gender differences in weight perception and common miscalculation of body weight, also indicate these children need a better understanding of what a healthy body weight is, Wang and colleagues note. For the full article read: Many Overweight Youngsters Underestimate Weight.

Are you concerned about your families diet? Hypnosis can create weight loss success and provide lifelong tools that can benefit all aspects of life. Do your part to end childhood obesity by finding out more about weight loss hypnosis.

At Hypnosis Health Info you will see that hypnosis and weight loss go hand -in-hand.

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