While there is nothing new about using hypnosis as an anesthetic for surgery, it is becoming more common. There are so many health and safety reasons for using hypnosis for surgery that I am thrilled when medical professionals attend my hypnotherapy classes. You too can learn hypnosis for health and the good news is you don’t need a surgical reason to do it.

Hypnosis: The new anesthetic?

Can you imagine going through major surgery without general anesthesia? That’s what Christel Place (left) did when she had her thyroid removed – and she’s one of a growing number of patients who opt out of general anesthesia and get hypnotized instead. Hypnosis plus a local anesthetic leaves patients sedated but aware, reports the Associated Press, and doctors say their recovery time is faster and their need for painkillers reduced. This method is feasible for only certain operations, of course – not those involving the heart or internal organs.

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Now is the time to learn hypnosis even if you are not planning on surgery anytime soon.  You can improve your health with hypnotherapy as well as reduce the stress of medical appointments. Don’t wait, call or email me and find out how easy you can learn hypnosis.

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