Hypnosis for arthritis pain managementPretty much everyday someone tells me about how hypnosis has helped them with arthritis pain management. It was just this past Monday that the title of my post was, Lower your levels of chronic inflammation. A recent press release acknowledges that hypnosis pain control techniques are used by Joseph Barber, PhD who is a clinical professor of anesthesiology and rehabilitation at University of Washington School of Medicine.

As a practitioner in medical hypnosis it is particularly rewarding to hear clients through out my day share their hypnosis successes. If you are living in chronic pain, challenged by health issues or are struggling with stress and anxiety, Seattle Hypnosis with Roger Moore can teach you the hypnosis skills to take back your life. No matter where you may live, call or email and find out how hypnosis help can improve your life.

An Increasing Number of Arthritis Patients Resort to Hypnosis for Pain Management

“A 73-year old patient who suffered from severe pain caused by knee osteoarthritis could not tolerate the use of anti-inflammatory drugs. However, with just three hypnosis treatments, the grandmother experienced a decrease in her knee pain,” said VitaBreeze Supplements spokesperson, Michelle O’Sullivan.

The researchers from Mount Sinai School of Medicine conducted an analysis of 18 studies of hypnosis that involved more than 900 patients. It was found that 75 percent of the subjects experienced pain relief.

Hypnotherapists believe that hypnosis significantly helps patients focus on alleviating the physical and emotional problems they suffer from. Brain imaging has revealed that certain hypnotic suggestions decrease some brain area activities that are associated with one’s emotional responses towards pain. There were also other hypnotic suggestions that helped lessen activity in the brain area where the physical sensation of pain is more directly involved.

“Hypnosis often helps provide pain relief in four to ten sessions. However, there are individuals who benefit faster while others don’t get any advantages at all,” added O’Sullivan.

According to practitioners, sufferers should continue therapy in their own home. They are even taught how to do it using certain techniques. This is especially helpful to patients who have no intention of returning for further sessions.

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Read An Increasing Number of Arthritis Patients
Resort to Hypnosis for Pain Management

Your body does have a remarkable capacity for healing and wellness. Hypnosis pain control can help to put an end to chronic pain and help you to create wellness in you life.

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My body has a remarkable capacity for healing and wellness.

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