Hypnosis to boost survival in cancer patientsMore studies are showing that mindfulness and guided imagery activities like hypnosis can boost survival in cancer patients. I have been having the privilege to teach mindfulness hypnosis to people living with cancer in my Seattle Hypnosis with Roger Moore office and through Gilda’s Club, Peninsula Cancer Center and MultiCare through out Puget Sound. People who live too far away are taking advantage of the Hypnosis Health Info Virtual office and are able to learn hypnosis for cancer online.

Complementary Therapies Can Boost Survival in Cancer Patients

A large percent of cancer patients use some form of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), typically with the goal of relieving pain and controlling the adverse effects of disease or treatment.

A new review of evidence drawn from experimental and epidemiologic studies, as well as a few clinical trials, demonstrates that several of the integrative approaches and lifestyle changes might also influence cancer survivorship.

“At times, these modalities can actually have a survival effect that could be similar to conventional care,” said first author Moshe Frenkel, MD, chair of the Israeli Society of Complementary Medicine and founder of the Integrative Oncology Clinic at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

Mind–body interventions include approaches such as guided imagery, mindfulness meditation, and yoga, which are commonly used by cancer patients to reduce stress. Some reports have shown prolonged survival in patients who participated in these interventions, the researchers note.

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Seattle Medical Hypnosis Specialist Roger Moore is here to support you in learning the tools in improve your quality of life while undergoing medical procedures. Data strongly supports the use of hypnosis as a non-pharmacologic intervention to reduce emotional distress associated with medical procedures, and suggests that the more widespread adoption of hypnosis could improve the quality of life of millions of patients undergoing medical procedures. Learn hypnosis and boost your survivorship.

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