Training only the body and ignoring the mind invites a mediocre performance. Hypnosis can help anyone achieve their personal best. With hypnosis, you can improve your concentration, have a clearer focus on goal achievement, visualize your outcome and create a strong positive attitude.

Mary Lou Renton was only 16 when she won the Olympic Gold Medal in 1984. The night before the competition, she laid in bed and mentally rehearsed her performance. Just as she had many times before, she imagined herself going through the routine. She saw her body performing the moves; she felt the impact as her hands grabbed the bars. She imagined herself performing all her routines perfectly – seeing herself in her mind, going through all the moves with charm, poise and confidence. The result was a perfect performance, and a gold medal.

Hypnotherapy can change negative thoughts and eliminate performance anxieties. I am currently working with three ballroom dancers who compete nationally. One of the techniques that I have taught them is self-hypnosis so that just before going on to the dance floor they can use hypnosis to create their success. One of the dancers has competed since we began our work and she went from nervousness and blowing her routine when she competed to being calm and confident and winning in a national competition.

I totally believe that self-hypnosis should be taught in kindergarten to everyone!