Hypnosis cancer care

Seattle Hypnosis with Roger Moore has been offering hypnosis cancer care since for more than 21 years. According to the National Institutes of Health, hypnosis is an efficacious tool in cancer prevention and control and has documented use since 1829.

Hypnosis for cancer care is not about curing someone of cancer. It is about healing the physical, mental and emotional pain and trauma that results from cancer and cancer treatment.

Cancer care hypnosis is used to help you to use your unconscious mind to regulate your immune system. Hypnosis is used in conjunction cancer treatments and to promote recovery and wellness.

The shock of a cancer diagnosis, the disruption of life, the multitude of doctors appointments and treatments are all stressful.  And of course, well meaning family and friends can add an additional layer of stress. Clients learn hypnosis to manage these and other stressors.

At Peninsula Cancer Center in Poulsbo, WA, I have used hypnosis with people while they are receiving cancer treatment.

I’ve used hypnosis to help couples and families through the cancer treatment process. For those who are at the end-of-life, hypnosis has proven to be a powerful healing intervention as they prepare for impending death.

If you are living with cancer and want to know more about hypnosis for cancer care can help you and your family, give me a call or send me an email. We can meet in the Medical Dental Building in downtown Seattle, on Bainbridge Island or worldwide online.

Hypnosis cancer care

Hypnosis for cancer is in support of and not a replacement of your medical care.

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I use hypnosis to support the health of my body and mind.

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Learn hypnosis for cancer care from Kelley T. Woods and Roger Moore. We have real experience offering hypnosis to people living with cancer.

Hypnosis for Cancer Care: Over 200 Years Young

NIH, Cancer Journal for Clinicians: “One of the earliest documented uses of hypnosis with a cancer patient was as anesthesia for breast cancer surgery. In 1829, M. le Docteur Chapelain used hypnosis (then referred to as mesmerism) over a period of several months to relieve the suffering of Madame Plantin, who had an ulcerated cancer of the right breast with massive enlargement of the right axillary lymph nodes. On April 1, 1829, in Paris, Chapelain used hypnosis as an anesthetic during mastectomy and axillary node dissection. This was prior to the introduction of modern anesthesia techniques.

During the operation, the patient was calm and evidenced good pain control . In the past two centuries, research on hypnosis has continued to support the efficacy of hypnosis in the cancer setting as an adjunct to modern care (e.g., analgesics). That is, hypnosis is typically used in conjunction with modern medical approaches, as it is the rare cancer patient who can achieve complete symptom and side effect control during major medical and surgical procedures with hypnosis alone.”

Read Hypnosis for Cancer Care: Over 200 Years Young

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