I’ve been using hypnosis for dentistry for a number of years now. First with myself and then about 10 years ago started using it with clients. I was terrified of dentists. As a teenager my Dad took be to a one handed dentist. You can imagine the Little Shop of Horrors imagery that I was left with after that cold metal hook was in my mouth holding my tongue off to the side while jabbing into my cheek. (I’ll leave the details at that). Thanks to self-hypnosis  I overcame my dentist fear and can now totally relax in the dental chair. My Seattle hypnosis office is in the Medical Dental Building in downtown Seattle and dentists do call me for help when they have a patient who needs dental work but is too terrified to sit in the chair. With hypnosis, they are able to relax and allow the dentist to proceed. If you have dental fear, consider hypnotherapy so that you can keep your teeth and gums healthy. Hypnosis can also help you with pain control before, during and after dental procedures.

Hypnosis and Dentistry

The HuffPost Healthy Living, by Thomas P. Connelly, D.D.S., November 30, 2011: As I was giving a patient some Novocain the other day (which is technically Procaine, with Novocain being a trade name, but that’s for another post), she asked me about hypnosis for dental pain instead. I had heard about hypnosis for a lot of things, but dental pain? This was somewhat new to me, so I wrote it down, vowing to take a look at it (which was all I could do at the moment — since I’m not a hypnotherapist, I told my patient that for now, the needle would have to suffice).

Anyway, a little digging, and yes, I found out that hypnosis and dentistry (amongst other medical practices) does have a connection. I uncovered that the USC School of Dentistry (technically the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of the University of Southern California) is teaching hypnosis as an alternative to needles and Novocain. So yes, there definitely could be something there.

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With hypnosis you can feel calm and relaxed in the dental chair. I overcame my fear and terror of the dentist using self-hypnosis – so can you. Whatever your fear may be, hypnotherapy can help you overcome it.

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