Chronic pain

Worldwide, chronic pain afflicts more than 1·5 billion individuals. As the opioid crisis unfolds, scientists are increasingly focused on finding alternative ways to tackle pain.

Researchers around the world are finding that hypnosis is an effective and affordable side-effect free integrated therapy for chronic pain.

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Chronic pain

Just how effective is hypnosis at relieving pain?

Once the analysis was complete, the results came out in favor of hypnosis as a potentially useful analgesic. Lead author Trevor Thompson, Ph.D., says:

“This is by far the largest review of its kind, examining the effects of hypnosis in over 3,500 people, and presents very compelling evidence. About 15% of the population are highly receptive to hypnosis, and those people saw just over a 40% drop in pain.”

It was not just the people who were most susceptible to hypnosis who saw the benefits. Most people are moderately suggestible, and they experienced a 29% reduction in pain.

Read Just how effective is hypnosis at relieving pain?

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