You are not alone

If you are experiencing election stress and anxiety, hypnosis can help you. At the behest of a friend I checked my session notes for the past month and found that 70% of my clients are experiencing election apprehension.

A quick Google search shows that election stress and anxiety is very real and very common. One study asked a group of Independent, Democrat and Republican voters to describe the odor of this election. The adjectives that they used were “garbage, skunk and manure.”

People in my office express their fears about who will win the election. “What if that one wins?” I hear thoughts of moving to Canada and worries that when the election is over, will it be over. So, you are not alone.

There are fears of will the next president be able to lead given the current political climate and could we be headed toward a civil war.

We are a divided nation and this election is different than any other in our Nation’s history. I heard one commentator say that “it’s no longer a race to the bottom, we are now looking up at the bottom.” Election fear, stress and anxiety is very genuine.

election stress and anxiety

Hypnosis help for stress and anxiety

Hypnosis and mindfulness stress reduction techniques really do work. All you have is this moment. You don’t know what will happen in the future. Right now, in this moment, YOU ARE OK. Look to the future with hope and happiness.

Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

I look to the future with hope and happiness.

What’s the solution?

I don’t have a solution to our Nation’s woes. But, I do know that hypnosis for stress and anxiety can help you navigate through November 8. I’ve also been reminding clients of the mindfulness techniques that I teach for stress and anxiety.

In the video contained within this post, I teach two of these mindfulness practices.

If you are one of my clients or students, you hopefully already know them and are using them. This will be a good reminder for you.

If you’ve not experienced these tools previously, you can easily learn them. These mindfulness stress reduction tools are quick, simple, easy and powerfully effective. When you use them, they work!

Election stress and anxiety coping methods

  • Turn off the 24 hour news channel. Carefully choose your source of news and do your fact checking. Considering reading the news from a reliable source.
  • Feel your feelings. Acknowledge your emotions. Feel them and then label them: “There is a fear.” “There is an anxiety.” Then use the mindfulness stress reduction techniques to let go of the fear, stress or anxiety.
  • Don’t get wrapped up in arguments on Facebook or other social media. What’s the point? Do you really think the other person will listen and change their point of view?
  • Listen to Orange Blossom, my free 27 minute hypnosis stress reduction MP3 download.
  • Want more help? Call or email me and schedule your session in Seattle, Bainbridge Island or online from the comfort of your home or office.


No matter how you may feel about this election and the candidates, your vote matters. Apathy doesn’t change anything. Do your duty and vote.

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