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Can hypnosis help you feel younger? Yes, I believe so. How old you feel is a lot about your attitude and the lifestyle choices you make.

As suggested in Can you trick your ageing body into feeling younger?, much of how old you feel is the result of how old you act. Slowing down with age may be all in your mind.

Over the years I have observed people like my 94 year old mother who went boogie boarding on Maui for her first time in her 70’s. People who act young feel young.

It’s not unusual for people in their 40’s and 50’s to act and feel as if they are senior citizens. It is always great fun for me to observe these people after a few sessions of hypnosis. They change their thoughts, they change their emotions and they make healthy lifestyle changes. Soon, they are acting, looking and feeling younger. I love that!

Hypnosis can help you too. When you learn self-hypnosis and use it, you can create healthy physical, mental and emotional changes in your life. Call or email me now and create healthy changes in your life.

Hypnosis for youthing

Changes in aging are caused by decreased stem cell activity, increased stress and chronic inflammation. We know that damage to collagen and elastin in skin by free radicals results in wrinkles. Science also teaches us that decreased stem cell activity impairs regeneration of skin.

Universities around the world are engaged in research using hypnosis to change genetic expression. Their research shows that one hypnosis session may improve growth of stem cells and reduce stress and chronic inflammation.

According to the research in neuroplasticity when you change your thoughts and change your emotions, you are firing and wiring new neurons creating a new genetic expression. This new genetic expression can restore collagen and elastin allowing your skin to tighten and become more youthful.

By changing your thoughts and changing your emotions you can increase telomere length promoting health and slowing or reversing aging. The mindfulness hypnosis process, Creating the Greatest Expression of You is the perfect technique to use hypnosis for youthing.

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Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

I am full of youthful energy.

Can you trick your ageing body into feeling younger?


At the end of the week we put our guinea pigs through the same rigorous battery of physical and psychological tests we had at the beginning. Memory, mood, flexibility, stamina and even eye sight had improved in almost all of them.

The results were not uniform, but in some cases they shed up to 20 years in their apparent biological age.” Read Can you trick your ageing body into feeling younger?

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