Hypnosis for Aging

Hypnosis for Aging is my topic at the 2019 Hypnosis Practitioners Training Institute (HPTI) winter convention. This 3-Day hypnosis convention has over 25 presenters passionate about helping others with hypnosis.

Today, there are 47.8 million people in the U.S. and 617 million people world wide that are are over the age of 65 and they have over 70% of the expendable funds.

Senior citizens commonly experience aches and pains, disease, rising healthcare costs, isolation, loneliness, loss of autonomy and fear. Hypnosis for aging is proving to be effective in helping seniors to fully live life and create lasting independence. No matter how old a person may be, they can live life with their hopes and dreams intact.

Hypnosis is an excellent modality for quickly helping seniors:

  • Reduce excess stress and anxiety
  • Gain control over pain and other discomfort
  • Improve sleep
  • Resolve heavy emotions of fear, regret, guilt, anger and more
  • Establish and tap into positive resources
Hypnosis for Aging

Find out how to use hypnosis for an aging population

Roger Moore has more than 20 years experience in offering hypnosis to senior citizens for aging, dementia, end-of-life, chronic pain, incontinence and illness.

Find out how you too can use hypnosis to help an aging population create lasting independence.

HPTI Winter Convention 2019

The Conference for Hypnosis Practitioners

All three days, all 27+ speakers, one low registration rate!

Day 1: Monday, February 25, 2019, 9:00 – 5:00: Scale Up Your Practice: Foolproof Systems to Attract Premium Hypnosis Clients with Jason Linett and Dr. Richard Nongard

Days 2 & 3: February 26 – 27, 2019, 8:00 – 6:00: The Main Event ~ 25 Expert Level Speakers Sharing the Exact Tools They Use to Create Therapeutic Success

Two full days packed with approved continuing education that will change your client outcomes

Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

I live my life with hopes and dreams.

Over 25 Expert Speakers Who Love Sharing with Other Hypnotists:

  • Scott Sandland KEYNOTE ADDRESS Eaten by Bears
  • Ken Guzzo Creating Gold Medal Hypnotic Suggestions for Athletes
  • Joni Neidigh, M.S.,LMHC Creating Gold Medal Hypnotic Suggestions for Athletes
  • Sheila Granger Weight Loss Hypnosis
  • Kelley T. Woods Empowering Female Clients
  • Dr. Richard Nongard Creating Immersive Hypnosis Sessions
  • Kweethai Neill, Ph.D.
  • Jason Linett Motivate Hypnotic Phenomenon: Using Your Magic to Make Change
  • James Hazlerig, M.A.
  • Tracy Barrett Adams Medical Hypnosis: The Art of Building a Thriving Practice
  • Matt DeWild, R.N.Integrated Tapping Techniques
  • Christina Matthews, M.A, LCPC Becoming a Neuro-Giant: Brain-based Learning
  • Richard Dama, M.A., LPC Cognitive Behavioral Hypnosis Techniques
  • David Snyder Speed Healing: Rapid Trauma Resolution Technologies
  • Roger Moore, M.A., Hypnosis for Aging: Creating Lasting Independence
  • Martin Castor Peterson C:E:R:I: Induction Strategy
  • Stephanie Conkle Erickson’s Utilization Technique
  • Victoria Marie Gallagher Create Positive Affirmations the S.M.A.R.T. Way
  • John Cerbone Master Script Writing Techniques
  • Duff McDuffee Generate Resilience and Increase Tenacity with the G.R.I.T. Method
  • Karen Hand-Harper Everything is Hypnosis. Be Mindful of Your Non-Verbal Suggestions
  • Patricia Vessey Hypno Kinesthetics, Mind Body Solutions to Life’s Challenges
  • Larry Neidigh, Ph.D.Hypnosis with Court Mandated Clients
  • Rick Paddock Hypnosis for the Highly Sensitive
  • Michael Watson Something Awesome
  • Jeffery Richards Anger Management the Easy Way
  • Kelli von Heydekampf The Best Advice I Paid Thousand$ of Dollar$ For
  • Michael DeShalit Creating Expectations for Your Clients in the Consultation
  • Juan Acosta Hypnodontics – Hypnosis Opportunities for the non-dentist

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