Hypnosis for Autoimmune Disease Seminar

Have you signed up yet for my Hypnosis for Autoimmune Disease seminar at the 2018 Virtual Hypnosis Convention that is hosted by Richard Nongard? I have!

I’m excited about this new and cutting edge hypnosis convention.

This is your opportunity to discover how you can include hypnosis for autoimmune disease into your medical hypnosis practice. Find out how it’s done from someone who actually sees clients and specializes in Healthcare Support Hypnosis.

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Hypnosis for Autoimmunce Diseease Seminar

2018 Virtual Hypnosis Convention

Here is what you’ll get in this seminar:

  • A basic understanding of Autoimmune Disease
  • How to quickly obtain information on a particular Autoimmune Disease while talking on the phone to your perspective client
  • Understanding of the importance of diet, exercise, stress management and lifestyle adherence
  • A PDF of the two-Phase session protocol
  • Two hypnosis scripts for 4 different Autoimmune Diseases

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