Business leadership

Have you considered hypnosis to boost your professional performance and business leadership?

Worldwide, major corporations and CEOs are turning to hypnosis to find success. I have worked with CEOs over the years and they tell me that not only does hypnosis help in their career, it helps at home in their relationship and out on the golf course!

I’ve always said that leadership is all about being a leader of Self. Hypnosis can help you make that possible.

If you are in a leadership role in your organization or own your own business, hypnosis can help you to find success too! Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to help sales people be more successful and I’ve helped people improve their people skills so that they were promoted.

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Business leadership

Forget self-help: Some business execs are paying up to $1,000 an hour for hypnosis

Oct 4 2019: ‘“Hypnosis is a gentle and effective means for helping people shift their attention back to what can help them accomplish what they want to accomplish and experience what they want to experience,” Michael D. Yapko, a clinical psychologist and author of “Trancework: An Introduction to the Practice of Clinical Hypnosis and Essentials of Hypnosis,” tells CNBC Make It. This helps them focus instead of getting lost “in irrelevancy.”’

‘“Many executives experience performance anxiety when giving presentations and important meetings, [and] sometimes executives seek help being more patient and positive with their colleagues and employees,” Mongiovi, who owns a private practice in New York City, tells CNBC Make It.”

Read Forget self-help: Some business execs are paying up to $1,000 an hour for hypnosis

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Way back on July 29, 2007, I posted Weight Loss Leadership. In this post, I suggest that leadership is not about domination, it is about being a leader of self. Click on the button below to read that post.

Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

My leadership begins with me being a leader of myself.

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