Hypnosis for Cancer Care

Studies show that Hypnosis for Cancer Care is a powerful and effective tool in dealing with the physical symptoms of cancer as well as decreasing need for anesthesia during surgery, alleviating pain, nausea, fatigue and emotional distress.

“Hypnosis has been shown to be safe and effective, and can help patients with all types of cancer and for many different purposes, and there’s evidence of its value and efficacy. The strategy is so well-proven that the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, which develops clinical guidelines for standard cancer care, recommends hypnotherapy for fighting treatment-related fatigue and managing pain.” ~Cure, October 28, 2017

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There is life after cancer, and it can be made easier
with support and therapeutic tools like hypnosis.

Hypnosis for Cancer Care

By Roger Moore, CHt

(NOTE: This article first appeared in Desert Health News, July – August 2019)

Cancer patients and survivors often experience significant problems with pain, fatigue, sleep, stress, anxiety, trauma and grief associated both with the cancer diagnosis and side effects of treatments. Hypnosis can be powerfully effective for the physical, mental and emotional fallout that comes with the disease – and after, when life is often profoundly different.
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