Hypnosis for coronary heart disease

Yesterday I was asked about hypnosis for coronary heart disease. It was just last Monday that I wrote a post Low-Carbohydrate Diets Increase Risk for Heart Disorder.

Hypnosis for coronary heart disease and chest pain has a been effective. In an April 20, 2006, post, WebMD reported that “Fifteen patients received 12 sessions of hypnotherapy over 17 weeks, while 13 others got supportive therapy with no hypnosis. A total of 80% of the hypnosis patients reported significant pain relief following treatment, compared with 23% of the supportive-care patients.

The hypnotherapy patients had the same number of chest pain episodes as they did before treatment, but they reported being bothered less by the pain and having an improved overall sense of well-being. They also took less medication to control their pain.”

Over the past 22-years, I have assisted clients with hypnosis for heart disease and chest pain. All were under the care over their medical doctor and hypnosis was used as complimentary care to their physician’s medical treatment.

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Hypnosis for coronary heart disease

Dietary fiber and risk of coronary heart disease

“Generous intake of fiber from food sources, such as fruits and whole grains, may confer individuals with significant protection against coronary heart disease.

​This study investigated the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) in relation to the consumption of high-fiber foods using a meta-analytic approach. Researchers pooled data from 10 studies that examined the effects of fiber-rich foods on coronary heart disease risk.

Researchers found out that increased intake of dietary fiber from fruits and cereals correlated with low risk of coronary heart disease. According to this study, high dietary ingestion of foods packed with fiber was found to reduce the likelihood of developing and dying from coronary heart disease by 14% and 27% respectively. The results of this study suggest that habitual consumption of high-fiber foods may help to fend off coronary heart disease.”

Read Dietary fiber and risk of coronary heart disease

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