Hypnosis for cycling

I use hypnosis for cycling every time I’m out on my bike and during each and every spin class that I attend. Pedaling down the road with the whirl of the wheels, the feel of the rubber on the pavement and the breeze in my face creates a wonderful trance.

Just this past Sunday I rode in the Kitsap Color Classic which is a ride that is organized by the Cascade Bicycle Club. It’s a fun ride that I have ridden annually for many years. It was a warm and beautiful day perfect for the 57 mile route. I discovered in the first couple mile that my shifter wasn’t working as it should and that I couldn’t get into the highest two gears. That slowed me down a bit but I did have the low gears for the big hills.

I used hypnosis for cycling before I left my driveway, at the rest stops and frequently with eyes wide open as I peddled. This was the longest ride I have been on all year. Usually by the end of the season I have several 100 mile rides completed but this year there were just too many life events. So bike hypnosis was even more valuable on this ride.

Hypnosis for cycling

Sports hypnosis

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Your Hypnosis Health Info Hypnotic Suggestion for today:

I ride like the wind.

Dancing on the pedals

Throughout the ride, I held the image of my feet, like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, dancing on the pedals. This gave me speed and energy for long flat stretches.

I remember as a kid watching movies with my Mom. I think it was an old Titanic movie, but it showed the engine room and the workers shovel coal into the boilers to produce steam. The pistons that propelled the shift were mammoth. On the multiple very steep hills, I envisioned my legs as powerful pistons easily propelling me up the hill.

I heard some riders suffering on these hills. They gave themselves powerful suggestions of “I can’t” and “this is too hard.” They ultimately got off their bike and pushed it up the hill. Whether you think you can or think you can’t, it’s all hypnosis!

Kitsap Color Classic 2017

Hypnosis for cycling

Cycling hypnosis suggestions

Here are some cycling hypnosis suggestions for you to use:

  • My legs are strong powerful pistons.
  • My feet dance with grace and speed on the pedals.
  • I have all the energy that I need.
  • I have all the strength and stamina that I need for this ride.
  • My neck and shoulders are relaxed.
  • My hands and arms are relaxed.
  • I have a controlled light grip on the handle bars.
  • My upper body is relaxed and at ease.
  • My breathing is slow and steady.
  • I feel prepared, confident, focused and energized.
  • I Look straight ahead with relaxed neck and shoulders.
  • My shoulder blades are tucked into their “pockets”. My shoulders are relaxed down away from my earlobes.
  • I softly bend in the elbows with relaxed hands.
  • My core is engaged and my lower abdominals are “connected”.
  • My sits bones are grounded to my saddle.
  • My pedal motion is controlled and my power originates through the hip joint and glutes.
  • As I add gear or resistance, I begin to feel the even flow of power engaging my quadriceps and hamstrings.
  • I recheck: My shoulders are relaxed, My elbows are soft and my core is engaged.
  • I continually make sure that my knees and feet are rotating in the same plane.
  • I feel even pressure on the pedals through the entire rotation.
  • I ride like the wind.

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