Hypnosis for fear of flying

Hypnosis for fear of flying has come up in several recent conversations in airports and on airplanes. In the past few weeks I have been on a number of flights.

It’s been interesting to watch people and their pre-flight and flight behaviors. Some are totally calm and relaxed – no big deal. Others are fidgeting, pacing and obviously stressed. And then there are those in the lounge downing those early more alcoholic drinks to self-medicate.

My May 23rd Ask Roger post was, “Can hypnosis for fear of flying work for me?” I thought that would be a great post to share again.

If you have fear of flying, hypnosis can work for you too. You can start by listening to Orange Blossom and by calling me at 206-903-1232 or send me an email now.

I am happy to meet with you in my Seattle hypnosis or Bainbridge Island hypnosis offices or online worldwide. Together, no matter where you may live, we can develop a hypnosis program for you.

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I choose to breathe in relaxation and breathe out fear.

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