Hypnosis for pain and anxiety

Multiple studies have proven that hypnosis for pain and anxiety can be one of the most effective tools for managing and overcoming chronic pain and illness. Hypnosis is now used around the world in hospitals, pain clinics, surgical centers, dental offices and other medical offices.

Hypnosis allows you to focus on a specific problem and its resolution while maintaining a comfortable state of physical relaxation.

As a medical hypnotherapist I help you to improve your health. Hypnosis for irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, cancer, autoimmune disease, weight loss, stopping smoking, dementia, end-of-life and anxiety has been a common practice in my office since 1997.

Medical Hypnosis can be a real solution for you. Of course Medical Hypnosis is not an alternative to or replacement for professional medical care. Medical Hypnosis is used in support of your medical care.

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Hypnosis for pain and anxiety

Can Hypnotherapy Actually Help Treat Pain and Anxiety?

To put it simply, hypnotherapy helps readjust one’s thinking to relieve pain and reduce anxiety. To put it metaphorically, it’s like a “massage for the mind,” says Daniel Ryan, a hypnotherapist in New York City. It’s a way to loosen the kinks that might be holding you back.

Hypnotherapy has also shown promise in treating stress-manifested issues like chronic back pain. “There is no pain in the body; it’s only in the brain,” says Olafur Palsson, a professor of medicine in the division of gastroenterology and hepatology at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine. “There are sensors in the body that pick up troublesome stimuli and send that information to the brain, and then the brain has to decide whether it is pain and how bad it is.” Palsson goes on to say that when treating pain, “you can do things with hypnosis that no other psychological treatment can do.”

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